Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Cleaning your upholstery regularly is important because it maintains the original color and improves the lifespan of your upholstery. There are specific cleaning products and tools that are used especially by professionals. Therefore, instead of trying to clean the upholstery on your own, we can help you clean your curtains and remove any dirt or soil on your furniture. We are professional upholstery cleaners and we understand the needs of our clients. The Panda Groupz has a special cleaning procedure that entails the following steps:

  • i. Testing our cleaning products to ensure that they are suitable for use.
  • ii. Use the cleaning solution to dissolve the dirt and remove masks and/or bacteria.
  • iii. Thorough cleaning using a brush to remove all the stains before extracting the cleaning products.
  • iv. The final step involves extracting excess moisture to prevent mold growth or humid conditions.

Our upholsterers are trained, skilled and experienced to clean different types and materials of upholstery. We have been offering upholstery cleaning services across Melbourne and its surrounding areas for many years. Pandaz Group proud is one of the most reliable upholstery cleaning company in Melbourne due to the high quality of services we offer.

If you are looking to clean your curtains, you don’t have to be worried because we have developed a cleaning procedure that ensures curtains/drapes do not have watermarks or shrink after being cleaned. Our process entails vacuuming the curtains including pelmets, pleats, and valances. We then test for color-fastness to ensure the treatments we use will not affect the curtain fabric. When we are sure the treatments are safe to use, we apply a cleaning solution on both sides of the curtain, leave it for some time to soak and then start the cleaning process.

When cleaning the curtains, we use special pads that have a special cleaning solution to ensure that the curtains are thoroughly cleaned. Our special cleaning product ensures that your curtains are deodorized, sanitized and treated against any allergens that might be embedded. We are a reliable upholstery cleaning company and we guarantee professional cleaning services to our clients. If you need upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne, please contact us via phone, email or text. Finally, you can visit our website to learn more about us or if you have any inquiries.

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