End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne If you are about to leave your property and are looking for the end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place. At Panda Groupz, we can get the cleaning process completed and help you get your deposit back without any hassle. Our goal is to save you time and money, and leave you 100% satisfied with our services. At the end of the lease, many tenants choose to leave the property without performing any sort of cleaning. As a result, they will end up losing a part or their entire bond amount. However, when you engage with our end-of-lease cleaning services, we will return your property to a clean, organized and appropriate condition.

What Does Our Vacate Cleaning Services Include?

Whether you are a landlord, a tenant or a real estate agency in St. Albans, Melbourne, our end-of-lease cleaning service is ideal for you. We will clean every nook and cranny of the property and give you the best chance of receiving your bond amount back. If you are a landlord or a letting agent, we make your property appealing to the potential tenants.

  • Kitchen
  • We thoroughly clean your kitchen from top to bottom, ensuring that everything is spick and span. Our professional cleaners wipe down all surfaces, floors, counter tops, drawers, cupboards, and kitchen appliances, leaving your cooking area shiny and spotless. Our cleaning methods not only eliminate stubborn grease and grime, but also kill bacteria, making your kitchen a lot safer.

  • Bathroom
  • Bathrooms get a lot of use in every household. We will clean, disinfect and sanitise all areas of your bathroom, including floors, surfaces, taps, tiles, sinks, toilet, toilet seats, window sills, shelves and mirrors using safe and eco-friendly products

  • Living Rooms and Bedrooms
  • We begin with comprehensive dusting of your living rooms and bedrooms, including light switches, light fittings, shades, fireplaces, skirting boards, radiators, mirrors and other surfaces as required. Once done with dusting, we will sweep and mop the floors, giving your property a fresh look. Our experts also clean any furniture, beds, wardrobes, curtains, picture frames, sofas and couches, giving chic look to all rooms.

  • Carpets and Upholstery
  • We use effective carpet cleaning methods to ensure a fantastic cleaning experience to our clients across Melbourne. Our qualified team uses steam cleaning method to remove the dirt and stubborn stains, leaving the carpet clean and spotless for you.

  • Walkways and Stairs
  • The walkway in your house is a place for dirt and dust to gather, so we invest added effort to thoroughly clean walkways and stairs, making your property appealing to the potential tenants or to your landlord who is doing the end-of-lease checkout.

Why Should You Choose Our Bond Cleaning Services?

People living in a rented property knows how stressful and exhausting the vacate cleaning is. The landlords and the letting agents want you to leave the property spotless as it was when you rented it. This is not an easy task, and you need experts to handle the chores. Here are some benefits of choosing our move out cleaning services.

  • Save Your Precious Time
  • Scrubbing every corner of your home can take several days, especially if you do it on your own. This is because you want to make sure that both the interior and exterior of your property are perfectly clean. If you work with our professional cleaners, you can expect the job to be completed in a few hours. The saved time can be spent with your friends and family, or to perform your routine work.

  • Let Yourself Free From Stressful Activity
  • Imagine that you are spending your weekends to scrub crayons from the walls, stubborn stains from the back of the kitchen cupboard and limescale from the shower. Why tiring yourself by performing such stressful activities when you can hire our vacate cleaning professionals? If you choose us, you will have a clean property without even lifting a finger.

  • Protect Yourself From Chemical Exposure
  • End of lease cleaning involves using powerful cleaning products to remove stains and dirt. If you decide to do the job yourself, you will have to deal with those harmful cleaning solutions which may put your health at risk. On the other hand, our professional cleaners will come to your house equipped with eco-friendly materials that are powerful-enough to clean anything but gentle for the environment.

    Returning your property in its original condition is important to get your full bond amount back. Why not call us first to clean and prepare the property to the standard expected by the landlord? As we worked on behalf of a number of letting agents and landlords, we know how to clean the property to meet the requirements specified. So, call us now at 1300694914 and schedule an appointment today!

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