Carpet Flood Recovery Melbourne

Floods happen. They don’t care if your carpet is brand new or if you’ve just finished redecorating your dining room. They’re ferocious, frightening and highly destructive. Fortunately, they don’t need to be long lasting. With help from our flood recovery service, you can get back to normal in no time.

We specialise in flooded carpet recovery in Melbourne and neighbouring areas. With years of experience and excellent customer service, you can count on the team at Panda Groupz to rescue your damaged furnishings.

24/7 Carpet Flood Damage Restoration When You Need It

Water damaged carpets must be restored quickly after flooding because damp materials can pose a risk to health. Carpets are especially vulnerable to mould and mildew. They don’t just look and smell unpleasant, they spread spores and allergens. Prolonged exposure to damp carpets is detrimental to the health and puts a home at risk of long term damage.

It’s why our highly skilled cleaners waste no time setting up the equipment they need for flooded carpet drying. We can be at your home or business within hours with tools and expertise to get the job done fast.

Here’s the process we follow to ensure a successful flooded carpet recovery:

  • Carpet Inspection – We use specialised instruments to measure the extent of the damage.
  • Strategy Talk – We give you a transparent assessment of strategies, timescales and cost.
  • Water Extraction – Sophisticated water vacuums and fans are used to remove standing water.
  • Mould Control – Carpets are treated with antibacterials to prevent the spread of mould.
  • Heavy Duty Drying – Industrial sized air movers are used to completely dry carpets.
  • Carpet Monitoring – Follow up visits may be required to confirm drying has been successful.
  • Final Report – We provide a detailed damage report that you can give to your insurer.

Identifying and Managing Your Risk of Flood Damage

There are many reasons a homeowner may need carpet flood damage restoration. Natural flooding caused by adverse weather is just one cause of damp furnishings. More common is flood damage caused by broken appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.

You can mitigate this risk by using appliances correctly – avoid overfilling – and regularly assessing them for wear and tear.

If the worst does happen and you need flooded carpet drying now, call us on 1300 694914. All our cleaners and restoration specialists come background checked and fully insured for your safety and security.

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