Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Carpets can absorb and retain a lot of dirt and dust. Over time, the dirt gets drawn deeper and becomes the breeding grounds for fungi, mould and viruses. If you ignore cleaning your carpets regularly, they can cause various diseases, ranging from allergies and skin ailments to respiratory disorders in both adults and kids. Armed with years of knowledge and the latest carpet cleaning equipment, Panda Groupz can remove dirt, grime and stains from carpets quickly and efficiently using steam cleaning method.

What Is Steam Cleaning and What Does The Process Involve?

Steam cleaning involves the process of cleaning the carpets using hot water and minimal detergent. Even if your carpet is more delicate or sensitive, this cleaning method can still work for you. Here is how our professional carpet cleaners Melbourne clean your rugs, carpets and upholstery.

  • Step 1: One of our carpet cleaners will walk through your home to visually inspect the carpet and identify stubborn stains that need extra attention.
  • Step 2: We will thoroughly vacuum your carpet using a special vacuum system to remove bonded soil from the carpet fibre.
  • Step 3: After removing the dry soil and dust, we will apply a pre-conditioning agent on the hard-to-remove stains and let it sit for a few minutes. Following this, we will scrub the treated area to breakdown the blots.
  • Step 4: After scrubbing the carpet, we will inject hot water at high pressure into the carpet pile. This helps removing stains and killing bacteria and mites without damaging the carpet.
  • Step 5:The water injected is extracted instantly by the suction machine which makes drying the carpet quicker and easier.
  • Step 6:We treat your carpets with a fresh smelling deodoriser, and also apply neutraliser that can leave your carpets safe for you and your pets.
  • Step 7: Our carpet cleaners will groom the pile using professional groomers to speed up the drying process and to make the pile of your carpet stand tall.
  • Step 8:lOur carpet cleaning experts will run a final check to confirm that all stains and dirt are removed completely.

Benefits Of Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • Removes Pollutants
  • With normal daily activities, a significant amount of pollutants such as foreign particles from outdoor, pet dander, dead bugs, dust mites and allergens will be released into the air, which will then be trapped by the carpet fibres, affecting indoor air quality. Steam cleaning method is effective at removing all sorts of pollutants from the carpets.

  • Prevents Mould Growth
  • Moulds need moisture, dust, oxygen and a surface to grow on. When it snows or rains, the moisture can easily get tracked onto your carpet, leading to mould growth. At Panda Groupz, we utilise hot water system which destroys all the conditions facilitating mould growth.

  • Extended Carpet Life
  • As soil and high foot traffic takes their toll on the carpets, they slowly begin to deteriorate and lose their original beauty over time. During the steam cleaning process, we will only use safe, bio-degradable cleaning agents on your carpets, ensuring extended carpet life.

  • Chemical Free
  • With conventional carpet cleaning methods, harmful solutions are used for cleaning. These chemicals will leave toxic residue in the carpet fibres that can be dangerous to your kids and pets. However, steam cleaning utilises hot blasts of steam that can kill up 99.9% of bacteria and other allergens without the use of any chemicals.

  • Deeper Clean
  • As already mentioned, steam cleaning involves injecting hot water at high pressure. The pressurised water gets deeper into the fibres and breaks down the build-up of stains, spills, dust and dirt. So, you can be assured of getting the deepest clean with our steam cleaning service.

  • Renew And Restore
  • The combination of hot water, steam and safe cleaning products not only helps removing the tough stains but also improves the appearance of your carpets substantially. As a part of our steam cleaning service, we apply deodoriser and neutraliser which can restore the freshness and newness of your carpets.

  • Shorter Drying Time
  • Though steam cleaning is a wet-cleaning procedure, only a minimal amount of liquid is used. Our powerful extracting machine sucks most of the water, leaving the carpet slightly damp. Depending on the inside temperature and humidity, it takes only a few hours for the carpets to dry completely.

    Whether you want to freshen up or remove unsightly stains from your carpet, you would benefit from our steam cleaning services. Our carpet cleaners are trained, experienced and certified to take on any job, including delicate rugs, wall-to-wall carpets and office carpets. We use professional carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning solution that allows us to return your carpets in great condition. Still wondering how can we help with your end of lease cleaning & carpet cleaning needs? Feel free to call 1300694914 and talk to our experts now!

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