Builders Cleaning Melbourne

Builders Left Your Home a Mess? Fix It Fast with Cleaning Services from Panda Groupz

You’ve just put the finishing touches on a dream renovation project. The builders are gone. The job is complete. Or is it? If your home is looking worse for wear after construction or decorating work, let our experts provide a fast, fuss free fix.

Panda Groupz offers after builders cleaning to Melbourne homes and properties in surrounding areas. Our expert cleaners specialise in grout removal, tile descaling, plaster and wallpaper washes, floor cleaning, appliance cleaning and more. If your builders won’t clean it, just give our team a call.

We have the skills and expertise to safely remove paint, plaster, rubble, debris and broken glass, as well as dust, dirt and grime.

Why You Need After Builders Cleaning from Panda Groupz

Whether it’s your mess or mess left by a contractor, we’ll ensure your home looks fresh and fine within hours. No job is too big so chat with our friendly advisors to get an affordable cleaning rate and a flexible schedule.

To guarantee a clean home after building work, we provide the following:

  • Debris and Rubble Removal – Safe removal and disposal of waste materials.
  • Dust Cleaning and Removal – Removal of construction dust and air scrubbing.
  • Plumbing Deep Clean – Deep cleaning of toilets, showers, sinks and bathtubs.
  • Expert Floor Cleaning – Deep floor cleaning without the risk of damage to materials.
  • Maximum Clean, Minimum Fuss – We arrange our cleaning service around YOUR routine.
  • Cost Efficient Fees – Affordable after building cleaning rates to suit your budget.

Why Panda Groupz Is the Best Choice for After Builders Cleaning

When it comes to top quality after builders cleaning, Panda Groupz is an industry leader. We bring years of experience to every job. All our cleaners come background checked and fully insured so your home or business is always protected.

As we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, we want you to feel in control of the cleaning process. Before any work is started, a friendly advisor will conduct a phone consultation and chat with you about your needs. Pick from our list of services or arrange a tailored visit.

For an affordable fee, our team offers same day cleaning, urgent visits and weekend and evening services.

To arrange after builders cleaning in Melbourne, call us on 1300 694914. Why wait for your home to be back to its best? You’ve done the hard work. It’s time to let our professional cleaners finish the job.

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